folk-rock band Loscoe State Opera - heads and bodies
folk-rock band Loscoe State Opera - legs
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Fishpond, Matlock Bath : long ago
the venue we consider to be Loscoe State Opera's home

The Running Horse, Canning Circus, Nottingham NG7 3NG : long ago
our Nottingham home

The Musician, Clyde Street, Leicester, LE1 2DE : long ago
Our Leicester home

a festival, place : whenever
one of the many festivals we have played

Exact times? Oh, come on - this is the music business! But gigs usually start around 9.00pm unless stated. Interested in booking us? Call our manager on: 00000 000000 - or email him: He's not our manager now
If this page is ever out of date it's because we're musicians, not web geeks (actually, some of us are both, but we also have lives) so please be forgiving. You can always 'phone Simon the manager if you really need to know.
(Now, all the venue website links are long dead, with some of the venues :-( )

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We were! Here's an extract: Classical and Celtic influences along with the combination of traditional instruments with modern electric guitar give LSO a sound that not only crosses genres of music, but a sound that crosses oceans of time, bringing a familiarity from the past to life. - Patrick Ferris