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People used to ask us questions. Some of these questions crop up more often than others, so here are answers to a few of them…

Why the name?
Our first ever practice (and eventually, first gig) was held at Loscoe Miner's Welfare Club, in Loscoe, Derbyshire (we even have a video, which, one day we might let you see). Andy Martin had met all of us (Ben, Dave, Kate, Brian, Keith) at some point or another, and invited us all to get together one weekend and do some playing/recording. Sitting around afterwards in the beer garden, the subject of a name came up and somebody (nobody can remember exactly who) suggested Loscoe State Opera, it being such a cute pun. It was so good, it had to stay.
Do you do opera?
Well, we sing a lot :). We occasionally do get people turning up to gigs, especially at festivals, expecting to see an opera company, (and for a while, we were Google no. 1 for "Opera Pics" - we still get a lot of hits from that) but occasionally they stay - which is nice. But no. We don't. Hallelujah.
Why do you only do [x] gigs?
Big band - horrific logistics, seven playing members, ten or so children between us, we live in Derbyshire and Leicestershire, we all have other lives/jobs... we get together as often as we can, but tend to peak at around a gig a month over most of the year - about as much as we can take on a regular basis! We're not hugely ambitious, we just like playing.
What's with the drummers?
OK - ready for the rollcall? 1. Keith - big wicked curved-tom kit - our first drummer (sadly died a few years ago). Lived in Ipswich while the rest of us lived in Derbyshire - unfortunately it didn't work out. 2. Tom Parratt - lovely lovely drummer lured away by the filthy lucre of a successful Meatloaf band, and generally a life as a full time pro. Sometimes still stands in. 3. Andy - Heavy metal dude! Did a few gigs for us while we were looking for a full time player - now back playing more of what he likes - we all have our true loves. 4. John O'Connell - old friend of Ben's, who also kindly filled in for us before we found... 5. Tony Brown (brilliant, prog rock monster), moved to Scotland. Finally, 6. Styx (our intelligent and brilliant current drummer) - friend and former band-mate of Dave from Leicester's Horse Thieves. Let's hope it stays this way for a while.
Who else has been in the band?
Hats off to Brian Boothby, founder member, singer, songwriter, guitarist, harpist, whistler... and a big cowboy yee-haw-style hat dip to Kev Gregory, our original bassist - also a great guitarist and singer... the sparkling Kate, who is now doing very well thank you in James Warner Prophecies... thoughtful bassist Kev, who shared Dave's music tastes... the list goes on a bit more...
Does Ben do Tull?
Alright! I (he) gave in! After 20 years of avoiding it, I'm (he's) now doing Tull covers with Cold Flame. Happy now?? Thanks for the correction Phil <- band says: "Ben, we don't know what this means"